Centering the Centerline - microBootlegger Sport - E25

Getting the centerline exactly in the center helps assure the strips on either side will be a perfect mirror image.


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so no paddling for me this morning we've
got a nor'easter blowing through and
it's blowing like stink out there so
instead I'm in the shop and I'm gonna be
trimming the deck center line so that's
gonna be pretty much the same process
I've shown you before on the water line
on the chine line on the keel line the
only difference this time is we're going
to be putting an accent stripe down that
center line and I want to Center that
accent stripe on the center line so the
edge I'm going to cut I'm going to end
up offsetting from the center line
slightly to account for the width of the
accent strip.
I'll start by just getting some of that
hot melt glue out of the way so I've got
my little jig here and this is my offset
jig so this point here is an eighth of
an inch off from the reference line here
and I've got a quarter inch groove in
under here so if I set this edge up
against the far edge of that groove this
will end up being right in the center
all right against the far edge of that
groove make my mark
like before we're just going to start by
straightening this line out that looks
pretty straight to begin with did a
pretty good job of cutting it but we're
just going to look for high spots and
knock off the high spots
once they've got it reasonably straight
I can start adjusting the location I
want to get it right on that center line
just looking like it's very close to the
center line there so now I need to
decide what exactly I'm going to use for
accent strips
so my initial idea is just a stick a
sixteenth inch strip of Alaskan yellow
cedar down the centerline and that would
make a really nice accent and I think
that would look really nice the thing
I'm thinking about however is I still do
plan to stain this boat and it's really
hard to get a crisp line with the stain
the stain wants to bleed so one way
around that is to have that stain
bleeding in a place where it's not going
to show as much if I have a dark strip
on either side of the light strip I can
mask off so the bleeding happens in the
dark strip and since it's already dark
it's going to be hard to see the
bleeding in that dark strip the stain
will be a fairly close approximation to
the dark color of the existing strip
already any little gradient that happens
in there happens in that dark strip and
with the hope that there's a nice crisp
line between the light and the dark here
and so that high contrast transition
happens without the stain actually on
that seam that's the theory is you know
it takes some Fancy's masking to make
that actually happen but I think that's
what I'm gonna at least try to do here I
have here three strips of wood and I
think they're all about 1/16 inch thick
what I wanted to do is move the center
line over 3/32 so I want to move this
line here over half the width of this
bundle of strips so we'll try and Mark
that out and move the whole thing that
far and that's just a matter of planing
along that edge consistently until let's
move far enough what I'm gonna do is
mark off at each form just put a light
line that's half the width of that
accent strip or about 330 seconds
just a light mark
right there in each form
and that'll give me a guide as I move
this whole line over with the side
rabbit plane so now with the side rabbit
plane I'll just run down along that edge
each time I plane past it it's going to
remove a given amount of material and
I'll just keep on going until I hit
those marks check it as I go to make
sure it's not getting crooked that one's
getting a little dull I'm gonna switch
over to the Veritas just because it's
sharper and I don't feel like sharpening
it right now
we'll call that close enough now to look
not too bad so I noticed this strip is
these accents there's two peeled out at
the bottom a little bit I'd like to get
a clamped more tightly together so I'm
just gonna take its barest graph the
strip here well I didn't accomplish too
much today just got that accent in but I
think that's gonna really look sharp and
again I've seen which the white accent
in between two darks because on either
side some of the strips on the body of
the boat are a little bit light and so
when it comes time to stain it I want to
have a nice sharp pre-existing contrast
between the body of the boat and that
accent so I can run a masking tape down
there and have any bleeding and sort of
ragged edge to the stain happen within
already pre-existing dark strip that way
the contrast between the light and the
dark will be enhanced tomorrow we'll be
filling in the side the remaining side
of the front deck and then we'll see
when you get to the back deck until then
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