Solo microBootlegger

A comfortable spacious recreational kayak
Solo microBootlegger Recreational Kayak
Solo microBootlegger Recreational Kayak Plans
Solo microBootlegger Wooden Recreational Kayak
Solo microBootlegger Wood Recreational Kayak

Based on my popular microBootlegger tandem kayak designs, the solo microBootlegger (or "picoBootlegger" for the geeks out there) is the elegant look of a 1920's mahogany runabout. This is a roomy boat with a large cockpit, almost what I would call a double paddle canoe with a deck. It is stable and comfortable with room to move around yet long and narrow enough to be an efficient boat to paddle all day in. While meant for relaxing paddling in sheltered harbors, more adventurous paddlers may want to build it with a smaller keyhole cockpit to make a capable rock garden play boat.

I built my prototype with mahogany strips to fit with the look of the old runabouts, but built in cedar strips its handsome lines will result in a refined looking vessel.

Included in the Plans:

  • Seven 24" x 36" [61cm x 91cm] Drawing Pages including: An overall drawing, a full size "stacked" form drawing showing all the forms and then all the forms drawn individually and at full size. Also included are patterns for the cockpit and coaming recess parts.
  • Kayak Building Notes: These notes provide supplemental information such as bill of materials for each design.

Recommended Manual:

  • Building Strip Planked Boats - This book covers the whole strip building process and goes into details such as how the cockpit recess is installed.

Digital Download

Body Plan Drawing
Solo microBootlegger Body Plan Drawing
Profile Drawing
Solo microBootlegger Recreational Kayak Side View Drawing
Plan (Top View) Drawing
Solo microBootlegger Recreational Kayak Plan


Beginner Small Paddler Average Paddler Large Paddler Extended Tour Fishing Lakes and Rivers Open Water Racing Surf


Length Ft Beam In Beam Gunnel (in) Waterline Length Ft Waterline Beam In Design Displacement Lbs Draft In Waterplane Area Sq Ft Wetted Area Sq Ft Surface Area Sq Ft Volume Cu Ft
14.00 26.00 13.90 24.60 259.00 3.84 18.10 21.10 47.00 14.63

Secondary Measurements

Prismatic Coefficient Block Coef Midship Area Coefficient Waterplane Area Coefficient Lateral Plane Coef Sinkage Moments to change trim 1 inch Righting Moment at 1 degree Vertical Center of Gravity above DWL
0.60 0.45 0.74 0.64 0.88 86.00 62.20 1.71 6.70

Stability Curves

Predicted Drag