Digital Downloadable Kayak Plans

I am starting to experiment with making my plans available in digital form so customers can download them instead of dealing with the time and expense of shipping. I have been slow in offering this option for two reasons:

  1. I earn my living in part through the sales of my designs. My ability to maintain my livelihood and continue developing new designs, creating instructional videos, and most of what I do, is tied to selling my designs. If my plans were to get out in the wild and shared freely, I might find it hard to continue offering new designs, video content and other related material. Providing only hard-copy paper plans provide a modest level of protection to my livelihood.
  2. Technologically, efficiently offering digital files for sale is not as easy as you think. Making my website accept your payment and, in exchange, giving you the ability to download the purchased files takes some software magic behind the scenes that I have had trouble implementing

 My current answer to #2 is to set up a Shopify site for my downloadable plans. Its not exactly an elegant solution. I don't really have an answer to #1 except to trust my customers. I need to believe that folks purchasing my plans will understand their value. I spend a lot of time developing each new design, making sure they work as intended, and the money I earn from selling the plans is how I can afford to undertake that effort. If you feel my plans are worth purchasing, please don't share them with other folks.

The designs below are what I currently have available. As I add more to the list, they will appear below. I offer several flavors of file to download. 

  • I have a few free plans, you can "order" them here, all I will gain from your order is your email.
  • There are PDF Plans which are the same files as I use to print out the hard copies
  • I also offer some .DXF CAD/CAM/CNC files. These can be used to program a CNC machine or modified to suit your needs.

You can order these plans from this page, but the order will be processed through the Shopify site and will not be combined with any existing orders on this site. Please give me your feedback on these and what you would like to see in the future.

Digital Downloadable Plans