On the Drawing Board

On the Drawing Board

I am constantly working on new designs, either to fill some performance desire I have or to meet the needs of customers. Sometimes I just have an idea that I want to play with, so I'll draw something up. These ideas may be at different stages of completion. Some are just ideas, others I have taken all the way to having a complete set of drawings prepared. Some times they are the product of a request from a customer and they paid to have finished drawings prepared so they could build them. Other times they are ideas I think would be fun and hope someone will request that I finish them up.

What all the boats on the drawing board have in common is I have not built them. Many of them have been built by customers. Some are minor variations on boats I have built and am confident will work well, others are completely experimental. Since I have not built them or paddled them myself, I will withhold judgement on whether the designs are any good.

There are some boats that I may have built prototypes for and are basically ready to build, but either I have not had the time to draw up the plans, or haven't written directions yet. With stitch and glue designs, I may have the necessary material for a kit, but don't have instructions or plans.

Some experienced builders may be able to build these boats if they are willing to take on a bit of a challenge. Please contact me if you want more information about these designs. If I have a design that I am working on that I think is interesting, it will typically appear here first.

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