Great Auk Design Family

The Great Auk family of designs grew out my first efforts to design a kayak. I wanted a boat that would be roomy and stable, could carry a lot of camping gear and move through the water smoothly and easily. Since my initial efforts the family has evolved to fill a wide range of niches, from calm water pond boats to a fast tourer/racer.

The family is characterized by a long waterline with plumb ends. The sectional shape is gradually rounded with a bit of flat on the bottom. The result has good initial stability and solid secondary. The long waterline contributes to efficiency at speed and good glide.

Due to their relatively simple shape the Great Auk designs are inherently easy to build. The bow shape has a small amount of hollow that provides a clean entry on flat water while adding lift as the waves get larger. While not strictly necessary these designs are well suited for installation of a rudder.

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