Construction Method Catalog

Strip building involves bending thin (1/4-inch [6-mm] or less) pieces of wood around temporary forms, edge-gluing them together, and then fiberglassing inside and out. It is a great method for making beautiful, lightweight, small boats. Also called "Cedar Strip", "Wood Strip", "Strip Planked" etc.

The "stitching" is from the temporary wires used to hold the edges of thin sheets of plywood together until they are "glued." The plywood is sheathed in fiberglass for strength. This is a quick way to make a rugged, lightweight small boat.

Combining the beauty of Strip Building for the deck, with the quick assembly of Stitch and Glue for the hull, hybrid designs rugged, lightweight and beautiful.

Based on the traditional construction method of the original Inuit kayaks and other indigenous boats, these boats have a lightweight frame covered with thin, sealed fabric. This is a quick and fun way to make a very lightweight yet durable small boat.