Free Boat Building Videos - Stitch and Glue, & Strip Built

Watch my latest video series! Making Petrel Play

This series is my most complete documentation of a build project, spanning from designing the boat through launching the finished kayak.

Strip Built Petrel Sea Kayak Building Videos

The following videos show details of how a strip built Petrel is made:

Strip Built Bootlegger Kayak Building Videos

These videos show how a strip built Bootlegger kayak is made:

Strip Planked Night Heron Building Videos:

I didn't get the whole process, but these show details not shown above:

Time Lapse Videos From Strip Building Classes:

Videos taken over the course of 6 day boat building classes, showing the whole process from start to finish.

Making a Stitch and Glue Kayak Building Videos:



Skin on Frame

Videos of building a skin on frame version of the microBootlegger Sport