Releasing Forms in Staple Free Construction

I used hot-melt glue to install the strips, this let me avoid putting staples in the strips. But now the boat is glued to the forms. Before installing the deck strips, I want to release the hull from the forms as it will be more difficult once the deck is also glued down.

I need to break the glue that holds the hull in place. To this I will pound on the forms with a hammer. But, if I were to do that now, with the forms securely attached to the strongback, they would not move much when I pounded on them and as a result might not force the glue to break. So, I release the forms by removing the spacer wedges installed earlier. This frees up the forms to move.

With the forms freed, I can now tap on the forms to break the glue. I hit the forms so they will move towards the wider part of the boat. In other words I hit the front forms backward and the aft forms forward. This lets them get looser as they mover instead of driving them into a tighter region.

I had not needed to use a lot of glue to keep the strips on the form, so I did not need to hit the forms very hard to break the bond. Each form was probably only glued in 3 to 5 locations.

Once the I have broken the glue, I attempt to lift the forms out of the hull to make sure it can come free. Some additional hammering of forms may be required. Also since the stern "re-curves" forward, it can not be lifted straight up. I ended up hitting the end form forward to break a little glue in the stem.

Once the forms are free, I dropped them back into the hull and then re-installed the spacers and wedges to get the forms back where they need to be to work on the deck.