Fairing and Glassing the Deck

This largely time-lapse video starts out with scraping and proceeds through sanding to glassing and finishing with a fill coat. I've found a good source of high quality scrapers that do a very nice job in the initial glue removal and smoothing. I then switch over to a long board with 40 grit sheets. From there I move up to 60 grit to remove pencil marks, then go to 60 grit with the random orbital then 60 grit hand sanding, then 80 grit with the longboard then 80 grit with the random orbital and a soft contour backer pad and 80 grit hand sanding, followed by 100 grit with the random orbital and contour pad and 100 grit hand sanding. After this sanding I wet down the whole boat with fresh water. Not shown is a final hand sanding with 120 grit.

It was now time to lay on one layer of 4 ounce fiberglass. The temperature in the shop is set up to 80 degrees F and the resin has been pre-heated. I wet out the cloth then squeegee off the access. When done I turned down the heat to 70 degrees F. After a few hours of curing I rolled on a light fill coat. The shop temperature is returned to 60 deg F.

This was accomplished over a period of 3 days.