Stripping the Bottom Part One

In this video I am stripping up the bottom. I am doing a "straight" stripping pattern where I strip up one side completely without stripping the other side. I then come back and trim the strips to follow the centerline.

This work is a lot of the same, over and over. I dry fit the strip, check the tightness of the seam between the strips, bevel if necessary, check the tightness again if needed, apply glue to the previous strip, set the new strip (aligning reference marks to keep the grain aligned), clamp the strip to the forms, tape the strip tightly to the previous strip, and then let the glue set up a bit (in this case by installing a strip on the other boat I'm building), then strip off the clamps and the tape (If I am moving fast, I'll leave the tape on until after the dry-fit/bevel step) and then repeat the whole process.

You may notice that late in the video, I start using some colorful spring clamps between the forms. I am experimenting with these to see if they will help keep the alignment between strips. I have not decided if they are worth the effort yet. You may further notice that I am not using a lot of hot-melt glue. I'm finding that the strips are staying down on the forms nicely and not moving much. If I can get away without using glue, it will make it easier to get the boat off the forms later.