Privacy Statement

Mailing List

I don't and won't sell my mailing list. I collect a mailing list of people who would like to receive a newsletter. This is strictly "opt-in". If you give me your email in the context of placing an order you will not receive the newsletter unless you explicitly ask to be include on my mailing list. The only use I will have for is communications with regards to your order. I will not sell my mailing list or any collected adresses to 3rd parties.

Bulletin Boards and Galleries

This site and the bulletin boards on the Kayak Forum may place a "cookie" on your browser. This is used to let the site keep track of your name, your preferences, your order, when you were last on the board, etc.. I suppose I could use that cookie information to track your movements around the site and do some sort of data mining to figure out your interests. I'm not sure what I would learn from this, but I don't intend to find out. I don't and won't keep track of what individuals are doing on my site.

If you subscribe to any of the bulletin boards or register as a user for this site, the email addresses you provide will only be used to send you relevant bulletin board or site information.

I reserve the right to post any of the messages or images you contribute to any of the bulletin boards or galleries on my sites indefinitely. If I move the them to another site, I reserve the right move the messages. I will not remove your name from any of the information you post. In other words, if you don't want anyone to read any of your messages or see your pictures, don't post them to the bulletin board or gallery.

I also reserve the right to edit or delete any of your messages or images if I find the content unsuitable. I may make a note that the message has been edited.

Email Addresses

If you post your email address on any of the bulletin boards or on a guestbook or gallery, you have published it to the world. While I won't actively distribute the information to anyone else, I can't stop others from coming in and getting your address themselves. I won't send you any unsolicited email.


Here is a tutorial on internet security.

When you place an order using the secure online system and include your credit card information, that information is stored on a secure server at the service provider. After your order is processed, the information is deleted. This security system is quite safe, however I can't guarantee that it is impervious to criminal attack. Please make sure that the order checkout page address starts with "https" or otherwise indicates it is secure before entering you personal information.

Like snail-mail envelope, if someone really wants to access the information, there is probably nothing I can do about it. This information should be much more secure than a paper envelope. If you don't trust the online system feel free to give me a call (860) 659-8847, not that the phone is completely safe either.