Press Coverage

We have received some great free publicity from a variety of magazines and newspapers. Those included below are just a partial list. See a more complete list of Guillemot Kayaks in the Press here.


ForbesLife Magazine
Forbes Life - The Eye

ForbesLife Magazine featured Guillemot Kayaks in The Eye in their special culture issue. The article says: "Schade's kayaks are head-swivelingly beatiful..." and quotes Edgar Bronfman about his Night Heron "It's awesome to look at and it flies."

Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine - The Essentials

Justin Nyberg has a nice write up of Guillemot Kayaks in Outside Magazine

Wired Magazine
Wired Magazine - TEST

Cliff Kuang of Wired Magazine writes that Guillemot Kayaks are "Naturally Superior", continuing "...though handcrafted using the oldest of techniques, (the boats) out perform its newfangled peers."

Robb Report
Robb Report - Man's Boat

Jonathon Ramesy of the Robb Report Collection featured Nicks boats in the 2006 list of 50 Holiday Surprises


SE7EN Magazine

Seven Magazine said, "On land, a Guillemot is nothing short of an epicurian piece of art."


Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking - Art that Floats

Fine Woodworking magazine acknowledged MoMA accepting the Night Heron into their permant collection by calling the boat "Seaworthy Sculpture".

Yankee - Art that floats

The October 2006 Yankee Magazine included Guillemot Kayaks among New England's Finest.

Hartford Courant / Associated Press
Associated Press

The most widely seen was probably the article above written by Steve Grant of the Hartford Courant. This article got out on the AP wire where newspapers all over the country picked it up. I got reports from friends as far away as New Zealand who said they saw it in their local paper. The article continues to be picked up, recently by Worchester Telegram & Gazette.