Our Return and Refund Policy?


If you are dissatisfied with the plans for any reason, please return them in the original mailing tube for a full refund. The plans must be in the condition you received them, with no torn, wrinkled or soiled pages.

If the book does not meet your expectations, please put it in a padded envelope for a full refund. The book must be in good condition

If you don't like a t-shirt or sweat shirt, please return it un-worn for a full refund.

Please mail returns to the address below.

Wrong Item

If you received the wrong item by mistake, please call the phone number below or email us, we will ship out the correct item as soon as possible. We ask that you return the mis-shipped item at your earliest convenience.

Did not receive order

If for some reason you do not receive your order in a timely manner, please call the number below or email us, we will ship out your order again. It may take a week for us to ship out an order and another couple days to get to you. If your order is a recent one, we may ask you to wait a couple more days to see if it arrives before shipping you another order. If you wish to cancel an order, you may do so at any time before it is shipped.

Did not receive complete order

You got the plans, but not the book you ordered or vis-versa. We ship the books in a flat envelope and the plans in a rolled tube. This means they ship separately. They often arrive separately. You may get one item on one day and the other a couple days later. If you are outside of the US, this difference may be longer. Please be patient, but if after a few days you have not received both, please email us, we will ship out the remaining part of your order again.

You may email us here.

Guillemot Kayaks
54 South Rd
Groton, CT 06340
USA (860)-659-8847