Stripping Strips - microBootlegger Sport - E22

So, I found a couple strips out of sequence. I had to strip off the strips.


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So yesterday I flipped the boat over and
started stripping on the deck and today
it's just continuing on with stripping
on the deck my goal is to get as far as
I can the one point of interest today is
I will be crossing the back deck shine
line and as I do that I no longer need
to run the strips full length and so
it's just a matter of running them down
as far as needed to cover that shine
line and then lopping them off short so
that's what we'll be working on
as I was working on getting ready to put
the next strip on top of here I noticed
something that didn't look about right
if you notice right here we've got sort
of a mirror image of the grain looks
cool and I was prepared to have that
happen but when I went to put this strip
on now we've got another mirror image so
it's making a v-shape here and that's
not supposed to happen so I took a
little bit of time I stopped everything
took some time to evaluate what's going
on and I'm not exactly sure I figured it
exactly what happened but seems that
this strip is swapped so it should
probably be on the other side this is
strip 11 and strip 11 on the other side
should be on this side so they it looks
like they're swapped looking up here at
the bow this is cut off from this end of
strip 11
here's two cut off from the other side
and if you notice here I've got my
original Sharpie marks on here as well
as some pencil marks showing that this
was the top here is the cut offs from
strip 10 strip 10 and there and here's
those Sharpie marks again you look here
and I flip this down there's a Sharpie
marks there and I flip this up there's a
Sharpie marks there so these are
supposed to end up like this
so the Sharpie marks be on the same side
so it looks like somehow these strips
strip 11 get flipped over and swapped
side to side somehow as best as I can
tell so what I'm thinking of doing to
maintain the patter and make sure the
pattern doesn't get messed up is peel
this whole strip 11 off of both sides
and it's not the easiest thing to do but
heat gun should get that off of there
should soften up the yellow carpenters
glue they ought to be able to get that
off of there and then I can end up
flipping them over or swapping side to
side we'll see I'll take some time to
examine it at that point and see which
makes more sense
well I was no fun at all shows what you
can do with a little heat the strip came
off it's pretty clean
first first side I had a little bit more
struggle getting it off have to pay
attention to the grain orientation the
putty knife I was using would tend to
ride up into the grain if I wasn't
paying attention
it'll all go together fine in the end
I'm sure but bit of a hassle I think I'm
going to just call this it for right now
sleep on it a little bit aside exactly
how I'm going to approach the fix I
think it's just a matter of taking this
trip putting it over there and that
strip putting it over here basically
flipping it over and I think it'll work
out fine the one issue I have is this
one I had not yet beveled the top edge
but the other one that I just pulled off
I had beveled the top edge therefore
there's material missing from that strip
so the reason I'm thinking about
flipping it to the other side is that
way the bevel that I have will end up
against the bevel that's existing here I
might end up with a little bit of an
open bevel on the interior but that I
can deal with when I come to it on the
inside so tomorrow will be recovery day
from this I will
I'll put these strips back where they're
supposed to be and hopefully keep on
stripping from there so all that support
stuff likes subscriptions patreon all
that stuff go ahead and do that while
you have a chance and we'll talk to you
again tomorrow and so until then thanks
for watching and happy paddling