Whiskey Strip - microBootlegger Sport - E20

Fitting in the Whiskey strip of the closing strip on the bottom.


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welcome back to the Guillemot kayaks shop I'm
Nick Schade today I'm going to close off
the bottom of the boat people
traditionally call a last strip on the
haul whiskey strip this is because you
can celebrate when the last strip is
done I'm not a drinker so I won't
partake and it's not really the last
strip on the boat anyways they've got
the whole top side left to go and for
those out there watching who want to
celebrate go for it I've got about one
and a half strips to go that little half
strip is so small it's hard to work with
so what I do is I end up gluing two
strips together and fitting them both at
once and so that's what I'll be working
on today
here I've got the next-to-last strip and
the last strip and so I'm going to glue
these two strips together and install
them as a unit and so the first thing
I'm gonna do one together so that's
accomplished with I tape them together
here and I'm gonna use superglue to do
this going together I could use regular
you know carpenters glue like you do
everywhere else but I'm impatient so I'm
just gonna go the quick way some CA glue
say no acrylate glue like super glue
lines up
the accelerant so here we have the
center line and the strips I'm building
in from this side over and so this strip
here is curved and this edge here is
straight and this is these strips are
going to go in parallel to this curved
strip so I'm going to end up bending
this whole thing in place you know it
looks kind of tricky now to make that
Bend but it actually works out now what
I want to do is mark that curve so the
way I'm going to accomplish that it's a
little bit confusing I'm going to take
this strip flip it over get it all lined
up here and then I'm going to mark it
from the other side so this edge here is
going to end up being curved and when I
go to mark this I'm going to be marking
what's essentially going to end up being
this straight edge but I'm going to be
marking it along this seam here this
edge right there so this is confusing so
I'm gonna reach it under here just face
him under there in between each form I'm
also gonna mark the end the tip of each
point here so now I have the curve
marked here this is all going to bend so
that this curved line is now parallel to
this straight line and this straight
edge here is going to be parallel to
this curved edge that's confusing but I
haven't found a better way to mark this
accurately and again I could have
installed this long strip like yesterday
and then had my whiskey' strip be this
narrow one right here
but it gets hard to handle such a small
piece of wood when it's that narrow and
work on it accurately having a little
bit bigger piece of woods easier to work
with and I still need to figure out
those tapers and the width here is the
width it needs to be I know the strip
can bend I have bent all the other ones
this is just one more strip those little
bend the same way so that's where we're
going from here I'll end up cutting this
curve on the bandsaw but first let me
just Bolden up that line so I don't make
mistakes and cutting I'm gonna cut
outside of that line so again I mark the
cut like this but it's going to be
installed like this and so essentially
the process is just like I do for all
the other strips fit one end and then
work on fitting the other and so I'll
try and get it so it's fitting nicely
along this edge at one end trying to get
my registration marks here lined up so
that's to get the grain matching going
and then once it's good at one end or
close to good I'll leave a little leeway
from mistakes and then switch to the
other end and try and get this in fitted
in so it's just a matter of patience and
whittling away at it and nothing too
break out the block plane I do find it
useful use the bottom of the boat as a
work surface but if I go directly on the
bottom of the boat when I tried a plane
to the end I end up hitting the boat
don't want to do that so I just grab a
spare strip and lift up off the boat and
now I can start playing down towards
that line
you gonna bring it down closer the whole
length I was a little bit conservative
with my pants off cut so initially just
sort the strip in place try and see
where it's binding up first
as expected right out at the tip and I
can look at my bevel angle the feel for
how things are I'll have a whole lot of
room to change the length here right now
it's tight here but loose here in order
to get it tighter here I need to slide
the whole thing forward a bit and so
that means I need to remove material
from where it's tight all right now it
fits up in the very tip here but it's
starting to get tight back here so if I
drag my pencil along the keel line as I
try and push this new strip in I end up
with a mark along here showing this is
where it fits perfectly this is where it
basically doesn't fit at all and so I
want to do my shaving from here forward
and basically don't shave any beyond
this point it doesn't need to go any
beyond that point at this stage
so now it's fitting up to here do the
same drill so it fits up to here doesn't
fit there so I can remove material and
back here and move a little bit forward
so where it doesn't fit at all I do the
most strokes with the plane and where
I've just barely doesn't fit essentially
I only do one stroke of the play
all right now I'm at about the widest
point of the strip I'll get a little bit
more fitting here and then start at the
other end and I'll start working on the
other end so I'll just roughly clean up
this cut here so at this point I'm just
looking forward where it binds up in
shaving off the high spots winding up
right there and sort of right here at
the same time it was a gap right here so
I will trim a little bit more at the end
here I need to sharpen this tool
all right we're playing sharpen again
let's get back to it all right so now it
fits in this end this end I don't want
to work on the overall length for these
long tapers can sometimes help to just
back up the strip with another strip so
it doesn't flex away on that really
narrow tip
I want to get my grain marks here to
line up this is a task which just takes
patience taking small thin slices off at
a time
I'm just looking for where it looks
tight and moving material from that area
first and now on my marks here now I
could very easily make a piece it just
drops in almost the first try what makes
us take so long I didn't want to fit to
be really tight that's why it's such a
painstaking process if I just wanted
something to fill a gap up I could have
you know essentially cut to my pencil
line here and dropped it right in and
filled in the gap with schmutz and that
is a perfectly valid way of doing it
here I'm just trying to make it look
like I didn't do that so it's one step
at a time
patience fitting as you go
and hopefully it'll all fit in really
nice and we're done so we've got it
really well fitted at that end I'm going
to do the same at this end and I want to
get some marks here to serve as guides
for the line about 1/8 inch off and
length here and there's some tight
mostly hitting right in here now links
that length looks good or maybe a 32nd
often like there I have the OS
all right yeah it's pretty well so now
we'll put some glue on it and secure it
in place it's not perfect it's not bad
the gray pattern on this isn't that
distinctive so it's hard to see really
the book matching but you can see hints
of it here and there and did a pretty
good job of matching up the points of
these strips on each side not quite as
good at the stern I'm off by 3/4 of an
inch here so what causes the disparities
between the end of this strip coming in
here and the end of this strip coming in
here ideally I'd like to have them lined
up next to each other but what causes
that is a variety of factors if the
center line is a little bit off one way
or the other that will adjust where the
strip coming in from one side of the
other is going to hit it but also the
micro bootlegger sport has this chine
line going on here and so the number of
strips counting across here and how long
it takes to get from this edge to the
center line and from this edge to the
center line is very dependent on exactly
where these two lines are cut getting
these precisely the same is going to
control how closely these meet coming up
the side of the boat we
to the water line and I made a trim line
there and then I had to add more strips
and then trim it again and keep on
adding more strips so I had one two
three different places for small amounts
of error to occur and really the amount
of difference from this point to that
point remember when I'm planing away at
the strips I don't need to plane away
much to affect how far down the length
this grain alignment mark is we're
talking maybe a sixteenth of an inch or
even less between this edge and that
edge to create an error of you know one
inch there or instantly a quarter so it
doesn't take much to throw it off a
little bit micro bootlegger sports
unusual for most strip built designs in
that it has this chain here and so often
if you just start out at the right place
the shear line and are very good at
keeping things even as you come up and
get that centerline cut precisely it'll
be a lot easier to get a good alignment
there again this is just one of those
things to think about I don't I know
from experience that this will be
virtually unnoticeable just everything
seems to be coming down to the point
here and where exactly that point is the
eye just doesn't pick up on it and if
you don't like that answer this is the
bottom of the boat and so nobody's going
to see it so next episode will be
flipping the forms over and breaking the
forms off of the strips that way I can
go ahead and start stripping the deck
and I don't need to worry about having
to get the forms broken out of the hull
and the deck at the same time by having
broken out of the hull already I'll be
able to remove the hull when it comes
time to remove it and then easily remove
the deck forms by having full access to
those forms as well so it's
it's looking good I'm really pleased
with how it's coming out if you have any
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so until the next episode thanks for
watching and happy paddling.