Preparing for the Back Deck - microBootlegger Sport - E27


All that is left to strip is the back deck. I need trim to the feature line between the side and the back deck.


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hello so I'm finally back from Wisconsin
I'd gone out to Madison Wisconsin to
Canoecopia which is the largest paddle
sports show in the country
I was out there supporting Chesapeake
Light Craft
. Chesapeake
Light Craft make kits
for all my designs so I went out to help
with the booth and do a little kayak
building demo I worked on a skin on
frame the second prototype of the skin
on frame my crew bootleggers for a lot
of fun a lot of people came by it was
good to meet a lot of the people that
watch these videos and just talk to
people about kayak building it was
really pretty cool so snow storm came
into New England after the show was over
and that interrupted my flight so my
flight was canceled so Darren Bush who
owns Rutabaga Paddlesports
which puts on canoecopia helped put me
up for a night or two out there while I
was stranded and I got back last night
and I'm just starting to get back in the
swing of things here so today I'm going
to trim out the feature line between the
side of the back deck and the body of
the back deck so it's the same process
that you've seen me do before at the
water line at the chine at the center
line and the keel line so I won't spend
a lot of time talking about it I'll just
point the camera at what I'm doing and
let you watch
somehow I went most of the day with my
microphone turned off so my discussion
here about selecting the wood for the
back deck is useless I'll redo it
tomorrow when I do the final stripping
until then you know the drill hit like
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whatever thanks for watching and happy