Paddle Making Classes

Over the course of 4 evenings you will learn how to make your own modern wooden kayak paddle. The paddle can be adapted for sea kayaking, recreational boating or white water. You will learn about laminating, scarfing, shaping wood and fiberglassing. The resulting paddle will be lightweight and strong.

Many people think of wood as being heavy and delicate. These paddles are not as light as the best carbon fiber paddles, but are close and significantly more rugged. The paddle can be built with a right or left hand feather or left unfeathered. If you don't understand what this means, the class will explain it. While this paddle will be a one-piece, you will learn enough to make a take-apart paddle if you choose to.

Not only are these paddles light and strong, but they are beautiful. Yours will be the envy of everyone you paddle with.