Installing the Coaming Riser

The coaming "riser" is what I call the vertical part of the combing around the cockpit. This is made of the same wood I made the rest of the boat from. For efficiency reason I want to use the 2" wide strips I have, but these don't conform to the sharp curves at the front and back of the coaming. To keep the pattern consistent I chose to rip some of the strips in 1/2 or 1/3rds so each individual piece is narrow enough and then glue them in place in order.

I use hot-melt glue to hold the strips to the edge of the cockpit hole and then use carpenters glue between the strips. The hot-melt sets up fast so I can work quickly but the carpenters is stronger so the final result will be strong. This will all eventually get covered with fiberglass so strength will not be an issue

I strip from the front back and then from the back forward, meeting int the middle with the closing strip shaped to fit