Assembling Forms to Make Strip-Planked Wooden Sea Kayak

The easiest way to set up the forms for woodstrip kayak is using an internal strongback. Here I use a 2" x 4" x 13' aluminum extrusion with 1/8" thick walls. The bow end has been tapered so it can reach farther into the bow of the heavily rockered boat.

I chose to slot together the sectional forms near the end onto the end or stem form. This is a simple method that allows the forms to be disassembled easily when the boat is done.

The stem forms are also slotted to fit up inside the hollow strongback. I've planed down some pine pieces to fit inside the strongback on either side of the form to keep it centered. The end forms are screwed in at each end so they will not slide off the ends. Pre-cut spacer between each form define the form location and a pair of wedges at the center of the boat secure the form in place.