Guillemot Kayaks Kits Available in Europe

Fyne Boat Kits Logo

We are happy to annouce that Fyne Boat Kits in Cumbria, UK are now supplying Kits and Plans for all Guillemot Kayaks designs. They have been the official supplier of CLC Kits in Europe for several years now and they recently added the Guillemot Kayaks designs to their line of boat kits. We are proud to have such a knowledable resource available to our customers in Europe.

Established in 1998, in the UK Lake District, Fyne Boat Kits manufacture build-yourself boat kits and ready built boats.

Their range includes sailing boats, rowing boats, canoes and kayaks as well as surfboards and paddleboards. They can supply boat-related equipment and accessories as well as plans and information for the home boatbuilder. You can even take a boat building holiday and build under their supervision.

Their boat kits include pre-cut wooden parts and joints, marine epoxy, a construction manual and a set of plans — everything you need to build your dream boat. For your ease and accuracy, all wooden parts and joints in their kits are cut, drilled and machined using computer controlled equipment.

They supply all essential boat-building materials including epoxy, Lloyd's-approved Ockoume plywood and high grade specialist hard and soft woods including cedar strip. They stock all the equipment you need for your boat or canoe, including oars, paddles, sails, seats and more.