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Guillemot Kayaks Kits and Plans Catalog - 2018

Guillemot Kayaks Kits and Plans Catalog - 2018

By Nick Schade in Guillemot Kayaks Plans Catalog

16 pages, published 1/2/2018


Despite the wonders of the web, there are still some of you out there who like a good old fashioned paper printed catalog. I'll be honest that I do to. However, for a small business like Guillemot Kayaks, it no longer makes sense for me to print up thousands of catalogs and mail them out to my mailing list, or even to hand a paper catalog out at shows.

The wonders of modern print technology allow me to offer you beautifully printed full color catalog on demand. This 16 page catalog only costs $5 plus postage which is extremely reasonable compared to what I would need to pay for the size print runs I used to have to do.

So, if you are old fashioned and appreciate the ability to flip through a nice printed catalog with all my current kayak designs, click through to order your copy today. You can also download a PDF if you want to print your own for free.