What do you mean by "Stitch and Glue"?

"Stitch and Glue" refers to "stitching" together panels of plywood with wire and then gluing the joints. A stitch and glue boat uses carefully cut panels of thin plywood which when joined together bend into the desired 3 dimensional shape. It is the geometry of how the panels must bend to create a tight joint that defines the shape of the boat.

This method of building goes together quickly because there are relatively few parts that must be assembled, however because the panels of plywood are relatively wide there is typically a hard angle or chine between the panels. This somewhat limits the variety of shapes possible, but does not detract from the performance of a well designed boat.

Like strip-built boats, the plywood is covered with fiberglass cloth on the inside and outside. The fiberglass provides significant strength and durability while letting the beauty of the wood shine through. The result is a lightweight and strong boat that requires very little maintenance.