Carved Wooden Kayak Seat Plans

Make your own sculptural wood kayak seat
carved wood kayak seat
Plans for a carved wood kayak seat
Wooden kayak seat in a Night Heron
wood kayak seat with backrest
Glue down patterns
Cut out lifts
individual lift
Glue up Blank
Carving the top
Glassing the Top
Trim the top
Carving the bottom
Carbon fiber on the bottom

Nick developed this wooden kayak seat to go with his custom built boats. It is a really elegant touch to bring your build to the next level. Like old style cast iron tractor seats the comfort is a function of the shape of the seat, it does not need to be soft to be comfortable.

The seat is constructed by gluing together pre-cut laminations and then grinding away the steps between the laminations. These plans include the shapes for the laminations. No instructions are included, please see this gallery of images to see how Nick has made these seats in the past. (He now has a CNC machine to carved them from solid blocks because it is way easier.) We strongly advise practicing making a seat or two with inexpensive wood before committing to really nice material. This is a tricky build, you may wreck a few before you get it right. This video of making a foam kayak seat may be instructional as well.

Nick has come up with several systems for mounting this seat in a kayak including gluing it directly to the bottom of the boat and attaching a backrest via a laminated support and mounting it all on at "T" shaped track. These plans do not include any of that, they are just for the bit you stick your butt in and nothing else. The mounting and back rest solutions are left up to you.

Seat Features:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Really cool looking.


Full size drawings of the wood laminations used to glue up the initial blank. No Instructions Included!

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