Why "Stitch-and-Glue"?

Because stitch-and-glue boat construction uses a relatively small number of wood pieces a boat can be build in relatively short order. Because plywood is inherently quite strong for its weight the resulting boat is quite tough and lightweight with a minimum of additional reinforcement.

While the technique quickly produces a boat, that does not imply that it is necessarily easier than strip-building. The shape of a stitch-and-glue boat is largely determined by the shapes of the plywood panels. If the panels are not accurately cut, the resulting boat may be quite badly distorted.

This makes stitch and glue designs very well suited for kits. With a CNC cut kit, the accuracy of the panel shapes is assured. Building from plans introduces the possibility for more errors. While this should not scare you away from building from plans, you need to understand the need for care and accuracy as you layout the panels.