What boat for a small paddler?

Several of my designs are suitable for smaller paddlers. Which boat is really suitable still depends your experience level and what you want to do on the water. Generally you will want to look at the shorter boats, these boats will be lighter and easier to handle on and off the water. The shorter boats will be easier to maneuver.

Smaller paddlers will also more comfortable with narrower, less stable boats. This is because it is easier to reach the water if you don't have to get out beyond a wide beam. Also for many advanced techniques where leaning is desired, a lighter weight paddler will not have the mass to get a wider boat up on edge. Since a smaller paddler has less weight a boat designed for lower displacement will be more efficient and easier to handle.

The Guillemot S has been specifically adapted for small paddlers. It is a scaled down version of the Guillemot and will be efficient and responsive, reacting much like the full-sized version works for a larger paddler.

The Guillemot Play will be a comfortable fit for smaller paddlers who want a little more stability with a responsive boat.

The 14' Great Auk is a good choice if you want a stable and relaxing boat. While capable and seaworthy for a small paddler in rough water, it is at home exploring sheltered harbors and lakes.

Many small paddlers will immediately look to the Little Auk as the ideal boat for them, however because it is quite wide with fairly high sides, it can actually be awkward for shorter paddlers. It may be uncomfortable to reach the water over the sides of the boat.