Why Drill Holes in a Good Kayak? plus Sanding - Petrel Play SG - E27

Nick methodically works through the crucial steps of preparing a kayak for a flawless varnish finish. He demonstrates techniques for cleaning up drips, leveling the surface through sanding, and prepping for the installation of deck lines and hardware. With a focus on attention to detail and proper technique, Nick shares his expertise to ensure a professional-looking final product.

The Art of Sanding and Fairing a Stitch-and-Glue Kayak - Petrel Play SG - E26

Nick and Bill tackle the crucial sanding and leveling process on their Petrel Play SG sea kayak project. Using coarse sandpaper and specialized tools, they methodically work to remove high spots and create a smooth, even surface across the hull and deck. Careful attention is paid to areas like drips, bumps, and overlapping joints to ensure a level foundation for the upcoming fill coat. With the sanding complete, Nick demonstrates his technique for applying the fill coat, involving distributing, leveling, and tipping off the epoxy for a flawless finish. As they wrap up, they discuss the remaining steps, inching ever closer to the final sanding and varnishing stages of this intricate kayak build.

Mastering Bias-Cut Glass - Petrel Play SG - E25

In this workshop episode, expert boat builder Nick guides Bill through the process of fiberglassing key areas on their Chesapeake Light Craft stitch-and-glue kayak kit. With careful instruction, they cut and apply bias-cut glass strips along the combing, deck, and keel line, ensuring proper reinforcement while tackling tricky contours. Nick's methodical approach and explanations provide valuable insights for aspiring builders.

Sanding and Grinding Parts for Fiberglassing - Petrel Play SG - E24

Nick and Bill methodically prepare the deck, combing, and hull of the Petrel Play SG kit boat for additional fiberglass layups. They remove tape, round edges, address bubbles and imperfections, sand surfaces, and trim the skeg box, all while explaining the techniques and rationale behind each step. The focus is on meticulous preparation to ensure a strong, seamless bond for the upcoming fiberglass work.

Perfecting the Deck: Sanding and Shaping for Fiberglass - Petrel Play SG - E22

Nick guides the viewer through preparing a kayak deck for fiberglass application. He meticulously rounds edges, adjusts joints, and scuffs surfaces, paying close attention to areas with stained wood. Tools like rasps, planes, and sanding blocks are used with care to avoid damaging the stain while creating a smooth transition for the fiberglass.
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