The Nick & Gerry Show

Event Date

This event highlights the crazy good waters local to where Nick Schade (of Guillemot Kayak) and Gerry Polinsky (of Sea Sherpa Kayak infamy) live and play. The CT/RI border area features great rocks, surf and is widely renowned for it’s tide races. This event will highlight Nick’s impressive self-taught skill.  He’s all about the exploration and playtime.  Gerry will brandish his normal barrage of instruction geared towards all things active water.

Nick is an internationally renowned wooden kayak designer and builder.  A number of his designs are   super capable in active water.  He’ll make some of his boats available for folks to demo including a couple of the newly built composite Petrel Plays – destined to break the mold on the conventional view of what constitutes a high end playboat.  Just 40lbs, hyper responsive and surprisingly fast – can’t be beat.

Housing is much less $ and readily available as we are past the high summer season.  Power boat traffic falls right off after Labor Day but the water is still summer time warm.  This really is a great time to be on the water.

This event is appropriate to all from advanced beginner to advanced open water paddlers.   We will divide the group up based on experience level so you are assured of being in a pod that matches your tastes and ability.


This event qualifies for our Experimental Discount Program.

  •  Repeat Offender Discounts:  Players pay full price for one event, get a 10% discount (coach costs – not housing, rentals and food, if applicable)  off everything thereafter.


Skill Level: Advanced beginners to advanced open water paddlers.
Price:                                                         =  $450

If you have any questions or wish to sign up, contact Gerry