Carbon Fiber Kayaks Skeg Fin Kit

Reliable and efficient fin for my retractable skeg design
Finished Skeg Installed on a Sea Kayak
Carbon Fiber retractable sea kayak skeg
Carbon Fiber retractable sea kayak skeg kit

My Retractable Sea Kayak Skeg design is an efficient reliable way to create and added dimension of control to your sea kayak. My plans suggest making the skeg fin from fiberglass reinforced okoume plywood. Okoume with a couple layers of glass on it is durable but maybe you want something that looks a little more high tech. This skeg fin kit is cut from 1/8" thick laminated carbon fiber. It is tough and lightweight, plus looks sharp. You will need to do a little sanding, glue a couple parts together and then drill and tap a hole

Kit Contains:

Carbon Fiber Skeg Fin and Spacers. Note: To keep the price low we do minimal clean up of the parts after they come off the CNC machine, so there may be a bit of fuzz and the parts might appear a bit messy, but the assumption is that if you are making a skeg, you know how to do a bit of sanding.

Recommending Instructions:

This kit assumes you already have my Retractable Sea Kayak Skeg plans and instructions which covers how to make the skeg box, and control. No other instructions are included