WoodenBoat School and Curiosities of the World

I recently did a Google search on "WoodenBoat School" I noticed that my Build Your Own Night Heron course at the school came up as the second link after the actual WoodenBoat School site. Reading down the list I found a link to Matt Murphy's blog entry about the WoodenBoat School. When I went to his blog, I read his post about "The Third Most Curious Thing" where he note that one of his posts now is listed 3rd on a Google search for "curiosities of the world". Now if you do a search that particular post about the curiosity of becoming the 3rd most curious thing in the world is the 4th most curious thing when you do that search. Are you following this?

One of the curious things about Google is how it comes up with with its ranking. Well one of the things it does is look at what pages are linked to. Since I have a page about my kayak building course that links to the WoodenBoat School page about my course there, that page is ranked a little higher than other pages about the WoodenBoat School.

Now the thing to see is if this page about the curiosities of the world of Google will increase the ranking of Matt's blog entry about the same thing. We await the results with great curiosity.