Noank Pulling Boat Preview Video

A 2 minute preview

I've been putting my new design extensive sea trials as I work on finalizing the builder's instruction manual. I'm really pleased with how the boat is performing, it has very nice glide, decent initial stability and great secondary stability, handles waves gracefully and seems quite fast. I ended up adding a small skeg (as I expected) that allows the boat to track very nicely while maintaining good maneuverability.

Writing good instructions takes time. The construction of this design is sufficiently different from other boats I've designed that I don't think it would be appropriate to release plans without instructions. This being the case, it will probably be Spring 2015 before I am prepared to release the plans with the instructions.

Until then, the videos above and below provide a little preview showing the new design in action. Enjoy!


Morning row #noankpullingboat #swan #mist #gopro

A video posted by Guillemot Kayaks (@guillemotkayaks) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:50am PDT