Evening Paddling in the Mystic River Tandem

I love kayaking, but there is something about a canoe. We had family down for the Memorial Day weekend. After everyone left and the dishes were cleaned, we decided to put the canoe in the water and go for a paddle. A kayak always seems to take a little bit more forethought, if only to get the right clothes on.

The day was not as warm as predicted, we actually had a storm blow through earlier, and while we left the dock in bright afternoon sun, the cool ocean water turned on the fog machine and a light sea breeze blew it up the river. We were soon paddling in a light fog.

What little wind there was dropped down to nothing and we were paddling on glassy waters as the sun set and it proceeded towards dark. It was a lovely evening on the river and we probably wouldn't have gone out if we had to dress appropriately for kayaking. The Mystic River Tandem cut quietly through the calm waters and it was beautiful way to wrap up the day.