Mystic River Tandem Manual Available on Amazon and Kindle

I'm experimenting with putting some of my building manuals on and making Kindle version as well as a softcover version available. This is an inexpensive way to take a look at the manual before purchasing the plans, giving you a chance to understand the process without committing to the full plans purchase.

It was actually surprisingly difficult to translate the print manual into an e-book format while preserving the photographs and basic format of the print version. I've started out with Building the Mystic River Tandem which as the title might imply is the manual for the Mystic River Tandem canoe.

While intended for the Mystic River Tandem the manual is highly applicable to any cedar strip canoe. While it does not go into the depth of my larger books such as Building Strip Planked Boats, it outlines every step of the process. 

I am currently setting up an iBook version for those dedicated to the Apple iOS universe. It should be available shortly.