Schoodic 2020 Canceled

I just sent out the following email to those who had signed up for this year or expressed interest:

Hey All,

Gerry and I are super saddened to say that we are cancelling the 2020 Schoodic Sea Kayak Retreat.

 We tried and held out hope as long as we could, and the Schoodic Institute bent over backwards. While we were in a position to hold the event while following the protocols, the complexities of bringing in paddlers from all over the country did not work well with Maine's particular procedures.  Also, we felt it would be unavoidable to have to make compromises to both the quality paddling and social aspects so important to the Schoodic Retreat. 

 Gerry will be on travel through August 21st. If you have paid us a deposit for the event he will be sending out a refund when he gets back. While we considered letting those who want to come in 2021 leave their deposit with us, we determined that our accounting system (clay tablets and a blunt stick) just couldn’t deal with that complexity, so, don’t worry, we will hit you up in good time early next year.

 On that note, we have already locked in September 19th-25th, 2021 for the event. The format will be much the same and we sincerely hope that you all are able to join us then. Mark your calendars and start getting in shape.

 Gerry is working on organizing event(s) local to us here in the Fishers Island Sound to take place over the newly opened period in September.  These will have participants pick up local housing (Airbnb or hotels) which will be readily available and less pricey than during summer high season.  Let us know if you are interested.

 We wish all the best to you and yours. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay cool,

Nick Schade

Gerry Polinsky