Rough Water

Over Labor Day weekend I attended the second annual New England Intermediate Rough Water Symposium hosted by Tom Bergh of Maine Island Kayak Company. Tom brought in BCU kayaking coaches from England as well as top paddlers from the US. I was there as a local guide to the waters and as an assistant coach.

The video below is something I put together giving my impressions of the event.

While the event has been marketed a little bit as a high-level event for "big-dog" paddlers, it is really intended as an event for intermediate paddlers who are striving to become better. While I always look forward to going out to the same venues we brought the participant to on days when it is really rollicking, those extremely rough days are not conducive to good teaching or learning.

The conditions over the weekend were mild, but they allowed people to concentrate on the details of technique in a low risk environment without it feeling like they are in pure survival mode.

The event was well received and I think everyone had a good time and were able to learn a lot. Hopefully the interest was sufficient that Tom will go through the effort of having a 3rd annual.