Plans Price Increase

If you received my last newsletter, it will not be a surprise that we are raising our plans prices. We have held our prices constant for the past 15 or so years, but over that time the cost of printing has increased by over 50% and other business expenses have also increased. As a result we have decided it was time to update the Guillemot Kayaks designs plans prices. The Bear Mountain and John Winters design prices are staying the same.

We feel we still offer a very good value with the Guillemot Kayaks designs. These are proven designs, being built around the world. All our plans include full size drawings of all the parts you will need to cut out. With our strip-built designs each form is drawn out individually at full size so there is no need to trace the lines to make your forms. This saves a lot of time and ensures your forms don't lose accuracy due to shaky hands, just glue the forms patterns to your form material and cut out around the lines. 

All our plans include at least 20+ page Building Notes. Many of our plans also include thick, richly photographed build manuals that provide a lot of expertise to help you successfully build your own boat. 

Even with the price increase, our plans prices are comparable to similar plans available elsewhere and we honestly feel we provide a better value with more information that makes your build project easier and more accurate. You are getting more than a couple sheets of paper, you are receiving access to over 45 years of boating experience, 35 years of boat building and design experience as well as the most detailed and complete plans available anywhere. 

Thanks for your support.