The KayakForum is being Upgraded

KayakForum Screen Shot

 I have recently been going through the process of upgrading the software for the KayakForum. For those who are not familiar with it, the forum is an open discussion board devoted to the design, building and use of kayaks and other small boats.

  • The most active forum is the Boat Building group which hosts discussions on all aspects of building kayaks, canoes or any small vessel you might put on the roof of a car and carry to a launch.
  • The Design forum is for conversations about the somewhat more technical aspects of creating designs for boats.
  • The Techniques section is for topics related to using kayaks and small boats skillfully and safely.
  • Finally the Trips board is the place to tell your stories of adventures on the water, find friends to paddle with and get advice on where to visit.

For awhile the design, techniques and trips section have been quiescent because I could not manage the moderation requirements. Due to the improvements of the new software I decided I could revitalize them. I also reconstituted the archives.

The KayakForum has really created a wonderful community of paddlers and boatbuilders all around the world. Users of the board have become fast friend, visiting each other around the country and finding welcome when they travel overseas. We have even had a marriage after an introduction on the board.

This is a work in progress, but I hope you like the results.