Fictional Guillemot Kayaks

I got a call from Bob Van Dyke of CVSW the other day. He said he had just been reading a book by Clive Cussler called Polar Shift. He had just picked up the book recently and was shocked to read the following:
"The latest addition to his fleet was the custom-made Guillemot kayak. He had bought it on an earlier trip to Seattle. He liked its natural wood construction and the graceful design of the thin hul, which was based on an Aleut craft. Like all his boats, it was fast as well as beautiful."

Cool! My kayaks are a part of an adventure novel!

Unfortunately, 3 pages later it says:

The whale's massive body came down on the front part of the thirty-five pound kayak and smashed it to splinters...

Well the boat may not have lasted long, but what the heck, it got destroyed by a whale. I guess that means that my boats are not as tough as the one in that commercial that keeps making the rounds, but it is still fun.