2020 Schoodic Retreat Update

We hope you are all staying safe and sane in this weird new world of ours.  We're writing now to share the most up to date info we have on the 2020 Schoodic Kayak Retreat. In short, we are
still on track and really looking forward to the event.  We have confidence that there is a safe, practical way to go ahead with the event but, given the uncertain nature of so many aspects of the situation, we are planning on being flexible and responsive. If you can hang on with us, we are enthusiastic that we can pull it off. 

Covid Safety Protocols:  

We've been working hard since the early spring on paddling prep, launch/landing and on water routines, including a very workable, Covid appropriate T-rescue, that would keep us all safe as possible and respect distancing requirements.  We've tested all out in active water exhaustively, using our "research" as an excuse to get out anytime the water gods kicked up fun conditions.

The Institute:  

The good folks hosting us at The Schoodic Institute are bending over backwards to make sure we can hold a safe event.  If necessary (TBD at the time based on conditions) they have offered their spacious two bedrooms apartments to be used single occupancy (or for a couple) at the same rate they would normally charge for a single bedroom.  They would also give us the space for 6' distancing space to spread out in their spacious dining hall (or to eat our under their covered picnic area), supply individually wrapped silverware, bag our lunches for us, etc... Given that so many other great mid and end-of-season events are having to fold for the year, we are really appreciative that our housing host is being uniquely accommodating, allowing us a good shot at pulling this off.

Potential Of A 2nd Session:  

If we need to go single/couple occupancy, the result will be having to run a slightly smaller event limited to 12-15 paddlers plus coaches where we were north of 20 in 2019.  Judging from sign ups so far, one event is not going to cut it so we are considering running another event the following week.  Schoodic Kayak Retreat 3.0, Part A, is slated for September 21-25 and Part B would run from the September 28th through October 2nd.  As always, housing would be included starting the night before through to the morning after.  Both events are first come, first serve.  Part A is almost full and Part B is wide open, cause we just dreamt it up.  If you register, please add a note as to your availability for either/both events.

Sign Up Routine:  

There's no telling what the landscape will look like come September.  In an effort to not complicate things, we are asking that new sign ups don't yet feed us a deposit.  Fill in the registration form and we'll hold a spot for you.  They are first come, first serve.  Around mid-August, we'll revisit the situation and, if we are still on track, we'll hit you up for the full amount to lock things in.
Please keep in mind that we are using registrations to do our planning.  It's best if you refrain from filling in a form unless you feel confident that you would attend.  This will avoid interested paddlers from getting turned away unnecessarily.

Updated Cancellation Policy:  

For those that have already sent us a deposit, these are 100% refundable, for any reason, up until August 15th.  After then, we'll ask for all to pay us the balance in full.  Any cancellation made by you after the 15th will be subject to the following:

  • Full refund except for your share of our none-returnable expenses for an up close and personal Covid Situation - you or a member of your immediate family is diagnosed with Covid - or a border closing that makes it impossible for you to attend.  Required quarantine restrictions count but not if negated by testing.
  • All other reasons, whether you, us or the Institute are the source, are subject to some loss payment.  If we or the Institute cancel, you will get a full refund minus your share of our non-returnable expenses.  Your cancelling for a really good reason would also only forfeit your share of incurred, non-refundable costs while a super lame, last minute reason could conceivably cost you the entire amount.  

We promise be as fair minded as possible and consider circumstances on an individual level.  By the time we ask for a payment, we will have a detailed cancellation plan but feel it's best for now to stay flexible and responsive.
Due to the lack of control nowadays, it is certainly worth investigating the potential of a trip interruption or "cancel for any reason" type policies.  Some cover Covid, others don't so you'll have to do some homework.  Please share if you find a good policy so we can pass along to the others.  

One of the great parts of the Retreat for us is seeing you all having a great time, getting to know each other and becoming a community. With the social distancing we have been doing for the past months, we are hoping circumstances will allow us the opportunity to see you all in Maine  where we can share and enjoy each other’s company for a fun and safe week both on and off the water.  Feel free to contact either/both of us,  anytime with any questions, through our websites listed below.

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Nick Schade

Gerry Polinsky