Build Your Own Ganymede Class at IYRS

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Ganymede Kayak"Ganymede" is a brand new design by Nick Schade: An easy-to-handle recreational kayak, fun to paddle and fast and easy to build.

This little boat is suitable for full-size adults who want a small kayak or smaller women or children who want a boat that is the right size for them. It is not too wide for smaller paddlers to use comfortably. This also means it is not going to be a super-stable boat, but it will have plenty of stability for most paddlers, while not being draggy and slow like many fatter recreational boats.

Kayak building master Nick Schade will walk you through construction of your own stitch-and-glue recreational kayak. Ganymede is an elegantly simple kayak---an ideal first-build as well as a fun kayak suitable for a casual paddler who wants a classy good looks in a kayak.

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