Petrel "Play" Plans

Petrel Play Portrait

Purchase Plans for this Kayak

The Petrel Play is cross over kayak design, filling a niche between a relaxing recreational kayak and a hard core rough water sea kayak. It is wide enough to be stable and relaxing, yet narrow enough to be easy to move through the water. It is long enough to keep up with sea kayaks, yet short enough to be nimble and easy to control.

The design is available for strip built construction or stitch and glue and both are equally fun boats to paddle. It received a very nice review in the late, great Sea Kayaker Magazine.

The design grew out of my longer Petrel design when I was seeking something a little shorter for smaller paddler and as a play boat for day trips and rock gardens. It shares the transitioning chine of the Petrel which is soft chined forward and hardens up behind the cockpit. This makes the boat exceptionally responsive without being hard to handle.

I have a full video series documenting my build of a western red cedar strip-built Petrel Play for customer.