Building Petrel Play SG

  • Handcrafting a Kayak: Glassing Components for Protection and Strength - Petrel Play SG - E15

    In this video, Nick and Bill are working on the Petrel Play SG, a stitch and glue sea kayak from a kit made by Chesapeake Light Craft. They focus on glassing some of the kayak parts and explain the process in detail. They demonstrate the process of layering the fiberglass on different components and provide insights on effectively using epoxy and thickening agents. They also introduce the concept of peel ply and its application in the fiberglassing process. Nick emphasizes the value of taking on smaller tasks such as fiberglassing early in the building process to gain familiarity with the materials and techniques.
  • Mastering Kayak Fiberglassing: Tips and Tricks - Petrel Play SG - E14

    In this video Nick Schade and Bill work on fiberglassing the Petrel Play SG sea kayak, addressing gaps at the bow and stern, laying fiberglass cloth, wetting it with epoxy using brushes and rollers, and applying a fill coat to smooth out the texture. The video offers detailed demonstrations and explanations of the stitch-and-glue boat building process.
  • Petrel Play SG Build - Stitching together the Hull - E4.3

    In this episode of The Guillemot Kayaks Workshop, Nick Schade is building the Petrel play SGC kayak using a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. Collaborating with his friend Bill, who is new to boat building, they work on stitching up the tight seam between the panels. Breaking down the process into shorter episodes, Nick demonstrates using copper wires to align the panels and create a secure seam. The holes for stitches are pre-drilled, and the beveled edges simplify the assembly. The goal is to ensure the panels are tightly stitched before moving on to the next steps, including gluing and fiberglassing.
  • Petrel Play SG Build - Setting Up the Hull - E4.2

    In this episode of The Guillemot Kayaks Workshop, hosted by Nick Schade, the construction of the Petrel Play SG Sea kayak using Chesapeake Light Craft's kit is explored. Collaborating with Bill, who is new to boat building, they focus on the meticulous process of panel stitching and form installation. The emphasis on using Chesapeake Light Craft's kits underscores their significance in boat building. The episode is a comprehensive guide for aspiring builders, offering valuable insights into handling copper wires and strategically placing forms. Nick's enthusiasm creates a sense of community, making the boat-building journey both educational and engaging.
  • Petrel Play SG Build - Staining the Panels - E3

    The Guillemot Kayaks collaborates with Chesapeake Light Craft to build a kit of the Petrel Play SG design. This stitch-and-glue kayak, an alternative to the strip-built version, uses Okoume marine plywood. The process involves staining the plywood with an alcohol-based stain for added aesthetics. Nick discusses the staining technique, the choice of plywood, and the subsequent epoxy coating for protection. The episode concludes with a preview of the boat-building process.
  • Petrel Play SG Build - The Unboxing - E2

    In this episode of The Guillemot Kayaks Workshop, Nick Schade and Bill unbox the kit for building the Petrel Play SG kayak from Chesapeake Light Craft. Bill, a paddling friend, assists in the unboxing, representing viewers' questions. They identify and categorize various components, including deck and hull pieces, hatch parts, cockpit elements, and more. The detailed exploration helps viewers understand the kit contents, and they conclude with plans to stain some panels in the next episode.
  • Petrel Play SG - New Build Series

    Nick introduces a new project, building the Stitch and Glue Petrel Play SG kayak. The design history, features, and durability are discussed, emphasizing its suitability for various skill levels. The boat's versatility, lightweight design, and ease of handling make it ideal for both beginners and hardcore paddlers. Plans and kits are available for those interested in building it themselves. Enjoy the journey of building and paddling this unique and adaptable kayak!
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