Digital Boat Plans for DIY Boatbuilders

Instant Boat Plans Gratification

It seems a bit crazy that with all the instant communications available that you have to wait a week to get your boat plans. I have decided to make most of my boat designs available as digital downloads. This means that you can have the plans for the boat you want to build in your possession within minutes after you place your order.

Note that you can access all these plans through the existing catalog system, they will be available under the "Digital Downloads" heading on each design listing, or you can access each directly below. Also note that not all designs are currently available in digital format.

There are some technological considerations for making this happen. One is, you will need to print the drawings out yourself. The other is this website software doesn't support digital downloads out of the box. Instead of upgrading this website, I have made another one based on Shopify where you can order the plans. The links below will connect you to the Shopify site.

My Digital Boat Plans through Shopify:




Printing Large Format Plans

My plans consist of full sized drawings of all the forms, panels or parts needed to construct the boat. Even for a small kayak, this means big drawings. If you have access to a large format printer, this is trivial. But if you only have a standard size printer or have no printer at all, this may be problematic. I still sell full-size, hard-copy, printed plans through our existing plans catalog, if printing the plans sounds daunting, just continue with the old fashion system. I have a blog post about printing out large format plans that you may find helpful.

Be Sure You Have a Means of Printing Your Plans
Before You Place Your Order