Pattern Restoration - microBootlegger Sport - E23

Getting back on track with the book match pattern after discovering a mistake.


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Oh welcome back to the guillemot kayaks
workshop I'm Nick Schade so yesterday I
discovered that a couple of my strips
were out of sequence in the book match
that was not fun what I ended up doing
was taking my heat gun and softening the
yellow carpenters glue and using a putty
knife and peeling those strips off so I
stripped off the strip's and now I have
taken and taking those strips and lay
them out on my bench with all the other
strips just to check and see what the
sequence really should have been and
what I can do to fix it and it looks
like I had strip 11 from one side
swapped with strip strip 11 from the
other side and that ended up flipping
over the grain and just making things a
little bit out of whack now I've laid
them out
swapped them back where they're supposed
to be and it looks like it's going to
match up just fine so here's the layout
of the strips this is what I did to
check to see what was going on and this
is as I originally had them laid out and
if you look over here here we've got
grain coming in like this and this grain
comes in like this and so there's this
these two strips are sort of mirror
image of each other not a perfect match
but pretty close so this is the
offending strip and over here this is
the offending strip over here so what I
determined was that this strip actually
belongs over here and this strip
actually belongs over here approximately
like this now we've got the dark spot
going like that and grain going like
that and got a little hump here a little
hump here so this is about where it's
supposed to line up and likewise this
one over here everything's oriented the
right way we've got some dark streaks
in various places here that correspond
to what I would expect and we will
notice that right here we have a
mirror-image situation happen again so
this is what I was expecting
when I laid the strips out I matched
them this way as well as this way and so
I expected a mirror image line happening
at some point and so when I saw it on
the boat it didn't shock me initially
when I installed these strips it's when
I went and put the next strip on that I
was getting a double mirror image so I
was getting grain running in a zigzag
that I was saying hey that's not how
it's supposed to be I'm supposed to have
one spot where it mirrors and then
narrowing up against the center line
again but I'm not supposed to end up
with zigzag grain what I'm going to end
up doing is installing this strip on
this side and this strip on this side
I'm just double-checking this and I
think we got it figured out here I'm
just gonna start by taking the glue off
this top edge just a little bit of
residue left over from stripping that
strip off of there and so I'm just going
to lightly plane it
and that just removes that layer glue
okay so I'm back to where I was at the
beginning of the day yesterday I've got
these strips glued in place I've put
some hot melt stitches on them because
I'm going to go ahead and add next strip
right on top of it back here behind the
cockpit there's a lot of twist to this
strip and so when I was beveling it it
took a lot of time with the Rolo bevel
to chew away at that upper edge and make
a good tight joint there and now I've
hot melt glue the strips down tight
against the forms there to hold them
there I could have pre twist him with
some heat but it happens over such a
long distance I felt it was easy enough
to just glue them down tight and voila
glue while the hot milk was cooling
because it was under so much stress I
put some bracket clamps on each of the
forms just to hold it while that glue
dries now I should be able to strip all
that stuff off strip off all the tape
and start doubling this strip making it
ready to accept the next
so this afternoon I did all right
I you know I only got three strips on
but I recovered from the mistake on the
stripping pattern and I think it's
nobody will ever know I ever had an
issue you look pretty sharp I think it's
just coming along nice you know all I
have to do for a little while is keep on
adding strips it's not the most exciting
stuff but you know I think the results
will be worthwhile when the pattern all
comes together I think it's gonna look
sharp so it's kind of fun I'm getting to
the easier part of the stripping I there
was a lot of twist back in here and
having to bevel the full length of the
strip took a while but at this point
we're getting up to the part where it's
just sort of so the next episode will be
more of the same I think I'll probably
get up to the point where I'm just
stripping one side and again I'll strip
across the center line and in
preparation for trimming that back and
stripping in from the other side and
back here at the stern I've started to
get past the marks that show where the
feature line defining the back deck
occurs and so I've started shortening
those strips I'll pretty soon get to the
point where I will have stripped up to
the width of the cockpit and at that
point there's no point running the
strip's past the cockpit I'll just be
working on the front half of the boat
and that will go a lot quicker and so
things should accelerate pretty soon so
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